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About Us

elevate: To raise (something) up to a higher or more impressive level.

What we believe

We believe in exceptional landscaping services through quality, attention to detail, experience, and integrity. Our focus is solely on our clients' projects, with efficient time management and skilled installations.

We believe in walking our clients through the process and addressing any concerns on-site. We treat our clients like family, providing a strong, reliable, courteous, and informative service.

We believe in being honest, hardworking professionals who give advice and work with our clients. We're approachable and informative, explaining the process and delivering outstanding results with a personal touch.

If you're ready to make your property beautiful, we're here to help. Contact us today to get started!

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Founder's Story

Jordyn Rochon

Jordyn's passion for landscaping and hardscaping led him to start Elevate Landscapes & Interlock. Having worked alongside his father and mentors in the industry for years, he gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise. However, he also saw a lot of problems in the industry that needed to be fixed.

Jordyn's vision was simple: to take the service of hardscapes, softscapes, and customization to a level above and beyond the competition. He wanted to create innovative designs that showcased his team's skills and abilities. But more than that, he wanted to create a sense of family and community among his team of professionals in the Ottawa industry.


For Jordyn, inclusivity was important, he wanted to create a place that was open to all people and ideas. He worked hard to create a workplace that allowed his team to achieve success and grow, and that's exactly what he did. Today, Elevate Landscapes & Interlock is known for its exceptional service, innovative designs, and inclusive team culture.

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